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Voice Changer for Streaming

Perfect for streaming, Voice Changer allows you to boost your audience’s experience. Easy to use, but effective at upping your stream’s production value! Compatible with Open Broadcaster Software, or some other streaming workflow.
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"A “simple but powerful” voice modifier for sound design"
Mike Russel
Filmmaker & Educator
"I love how easy this is to use."
Tom Kelly
Podcast Consultant - Clean Cut Audio
“Really incredible plug-in that allows a lot of creativity.”
Colin Smith
Filmmaker & Educator - Video Revealed
"It sounds amazing but it’s really simple"
Happy Mag
News and entertainment publisher
"Voice Changer transforms vocals – and in typical Accusonus fashion – does it with the greatest of ease."
Dunna Did It
“This is really, really fun.”
Marlon Wolterink
White Noise Studio
“Every preset has a distinct character and there is a lot happening under the hood.”

Voice Changer Effects for Streaming

With Voice Changer, boosting the quality of your stream has never been easier. Apply character, environment or effect profiles to rapidly respond with your audience. Use an ever-growing bank of presets for new, innovative ways to make your stream engaging. Craft your own, unique voice, then save it for consistent future usage. Streaming, UI
Streaming, UI

Create Engaging Content

Interact more creatively with chat. Enrich donations and subscriber notifications. Fully embody your streaming persona. Improve the entertainment factor of collaborations and multiplayer lobbies, with quick voice changer effects for streaming. Spend less time sourcing audio engineers, voice actors and volunteers, and more time making great content. Engaging Content
Engaging Content

A Simple, Effective Voice Changer for OBS and Beyond

Voice Changer is fully compatible with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). Add it to your streaming or recording process, without disrupting your current setup. A clean UI makes it a non-invasive, but super effective stream voice changer. Transform your streams in Twitch, Discord, Youtube live, Facebook live and Gaming and beyond! Voice Changer for PC
Voice Changer for PC

What do I get with the subscription?

Regardless of the plan you may choose, you can’t fall short with Voice Changer. Get all future environments, effects and characters. Create an almost infinite range of sounds and engaging content for your audience. Go with the standalone plan if you need only Voice Changer for streaming. Go with our Creator Suite and get all the tools a creator needs.

How to install and open the Accusonus Voice Changer

You can set up Voice Changer by following these simple steps. It only takes a minute:
  • Download & run the ERA Bundle & Voice Changer installer.
  • Open your audio or video program of choice. Click here for compatibility details.
  • Voice Changer will appear as a Plugin.
  • Press OK and you are ready to go!

How to Use Voice Changer with:

Open Broadcaster Software Twitch Discord Cockos Reaper BlackMagic Design - DaVinci Resolve Apple Final Cut Pro Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Audition Pro Avid Pro Tools Apple Logic Pro
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Our pricing plan

Bill monthly
Bill annually
Voice Changer
Add quick and convincing voice effects. Sculpt your audio tracks so they sound like you always imagined them to.

High-Quality/Convincing voice profiles
  • Character
  • Effect
  • Environment
All Access Suite
The fastest audio repair plugins & unlimited sound effects includes:
Everything in ERA Bundle PRO, plus

Voice Changer
  • Character
  • Effect
  • Environment
SFX Cellar Premium
  • Unlimited royalty-free sound effects
Music Cellar (Beta)
  • Background Music for your content

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Voice Changer For?

Voice Changers are designed for a wide range of people who work with voices in audio. Here are some examples:
  • Content Creators like YouTubers, Streamers, vtubers, Influencers and Podcasters looking to swiftly and easily increase their production value.
  • Marketing and Media teams in need of fast ways to optimize their creative workflow.
  • Filmmakers, Voice Over Actors and Video Artists looking for fast sound design with a cost-effective tool.
  • Audio Professionals, Post-Production teams and Engineers who require speed and simplicity, that’s reinforced with powerful tech.
Essentially, Voice Changer understands that time is money. By being affordable-but-powerful, it allows any voice changing workflow to be fast and effective. Anyone looking to create engaging content, from a 10 second TikTok to a 10hr documentary series, can go with Voice Changer!
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What is Voice Changer Used For?

Voice Changer software has a variety of content uses. At the core, it takes a voice track, and changes it (hence the name)! There are 3 types of profile it can apply:
  • Character - the actual speaker of dialogue (e.g. a monster, robot)
  • Environment - the area where the dialogue is spoken (e.g. a cave, next door)
  • Effect - the means through which the dialogue is being heard (e.g. a VHS tape, or megaphone)
By using or combining any of these profiles, you can make creative scenarios out of otherwise ‘normal’ voices. Adjustable presets offer quick ways to do this (e.g Cave Dragon, Evil AI), or users can save their own unique creations.

The result is twofold:
  • Engaging content with increased production value, that is cost effective.
  • A fast workflow that alleviates the time sink of manual voice changing.
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What do I get with my subscription to this Voice Changer app?

Voice Changer is always growing with new profiles, presets, and improvements. So as a subscriber, you’ll receive frequent updates with new and exciting ways to enhance your voice content.
  • OS Versions: 10.15.7 or higher
  • M1 Compatible
  • Plugin Formats: AU, VST, AAX Native (64-bit)
  • Supported video/audio editors: Learn more
  • OS Versions: 10
  • Plugin Formats: VST, AAX Native (64-bit)
  • Supported video/audio editors: Learn more