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  • the only plugin that sends you
    to your happy place

HappyPlacer®: The world's first plugin that sends you to your Happy Place

The HappyPlacer was released as an April Fool's joke :). But it's a real plugin (AU, AAX, VST) that tells music-related jokes! Since you keep asking for it, we will keep the installers alive for some more time. Download it for free and use it when you really need to have a short break without even leaving your DAW environment!

Music making is one of the most exciting things in the world. For the most part... Cause sometimes things can go wrong...

Are you stuck in a recording studio, having to record crappy music for the rest of your day? Are you on take 1533 of a guitar solo that was never rehearsed? Have you had it with that wanna-be-MC trying to rhyme “money” and “honey” for the last 12 hours?

After years of copious R&D, accusonus now releases a plugin that actually helps you relieve the stress of recording and sends you directly to your happy place! When there's nothing else you can do, just open the HappyPlacer® in your DAW! HappyPlacer® is zero-latency so you can also use it while tracking! Use our patent-pending single-knob technology, and laugh at the expense of the musician ruining your day!

HappyPlacer®: Price: FREE
Available since April 1 2017





Sometimes, there's only so much you can do!



Use HappyPlacer® to:

Create better music

Happiness brings inspiration!

Quick workflow

The happier you are the better (you think) it sounds...

Protect your studio equipment from damage

Reduce the possibility of tension during recording/mixing sessions by more than 75%

Save money

Reduce your monthly spending on therapist sessions by more than 50%

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What people say about HappyPlacer

No sound engineer, ever

Recording 1,000,000 takes of the same unrehearsed music is the mission of my life.

No sound engineer, ever

A user in a forum

I see what it does, but I think I'll wait for a full-analog HAPPYPLACER hardware. This would definitely make these jokes sound warmer!

A user in a forum

A Pro Audio Journalist

Innovative, creative and easy-to-use the HAPPYPLACER is here to seriously change what you think about music production. The lack of presets is a serious drawback though.

A Pro Audio Journalist

A grammy award winning sound engineer

Since I've learned about it, I use HAPPYPLACER in my mixes everyday. I just can't live without it and it helps me get the job done. You NEED it, if you are serious about music creation!

A grammy award winning sound engineer



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Versions 10.8.0 or later
Versions 7 or later