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  • Joint De-Noise & De-Reverberation

ERA-D: The new ERA in sound processing

As a sound professional, there are times when you simply can’t afford to throw away a recording contaminated by noise and/or reverberation! An actor’s genius performance, a singer’s perfect vocal take, a musician’s moment of true inspiration: in all these cases you have to save the original sound. ERA-D is your new tool of choice for fast and efficient post-processing! Outside the protected environment of the studio, noise and reverb are simultaneously present and continuously interact with each other. The patented processing engine of accusonus ERA-D is well aware of that. ERA-D is the first restoration plug-in that simultaneously removes noise and reverberation by design and therefore provides unimaginable performance improvement over existing tools. Despite the complexity of the processing engine, ERA-D comes with an intuitive user interface to manage noise and reverb problems faster and more effectively than any currently available workflow. ERA-D automatically estimates reverb and noise and provides the means to reduce them with just two knobs, achieving high quality enhancement in less than a minute. And for those times where exhaustive focus on the details is needed, ERA-D offers a panel of advanced settings as well as the ability to surgically process across user-defined spectral bands.



The first joint de-noise and de-reverberation plugin



ERA-D unique characteristics

Patented processing engine

Reduce both noise and reverb simultaneously, taking also into account their natural interaction

Dual mode

Use the sound from your secondary microphones to improve the enhancement quality in your primary microphone

Automatic de-noise and de-reverb

Obtain the estimation of noise and/or reverb adaptively, without the need to provide noise or reverb profiles

Multiple signal path options

Take advantage of an unprecedented flexibility of internal signal routing.

Fast and easy workflow

Reduce unwanted noise and reverb quickly and efficiently, using the two main knobs

Simple or advanced mode

Achieve quick professional results or focus on exhaustive details

Reviews | Testimonials

What people say about ERA-D

Gearslutz Forum

"ERA-D provides pretty excellent results in terms of noise reduction and reverb reduction. I am thrilled to see that Accusonus has placed these two types of processors side-by-side into one neatly bundled package, as no one else has put out something in this combination before. It is both unique and entirely fun to work with."

Gearslutz - Forum

Resolution Magazine Magazine

"With some effort, ERA-D can deliver acceptable results that similarly priced solutions can't touch... ERA-D has the ability to successfully remove a decent amount of excess reverberation in a signal, perhaps more than any other similar product."

Resolution Magazine - Magazine

Computer Music Magazine

"ERA-D is an excellent plugin, though, achieving just the right balance between ease of use and behavioural fine-tuning. It does a great job of drying out source material, and noise reduction is a bonus."

Computer Music - Magazine

Michael Wabro Perfume-The story of a murderer, Alfie, The Escapist, 9th company

"ERA-D is pretty damn sweet! Nice interface. Best de-reverb I have heard so far. The de-noiser is so good in fact it certainly blows all other live adaptive software de-noisers I have tried- out the water."

Michael Wabro (Sound/Dialogue/ADR editor) - Perfume-The story of a murderer, Alfie, The Escapist, 9th company

Kate Finan Boom Box Post

"I love this plug-in so much: you could easily pull it up on the mix stage, spend ten seconds turning the main knobs up and down, and have a completely legitimate result. Its first selling point is certainly that it is the best-sounding de-noise/de-verb plugin-in I've used and it also is the most user-friendly."

Kate Finan (Co-Owner) - Boom Box Post



Version 10.9.0 or later
Formats: AU (32/64 bit), VST (32/64 bit), VST3 (32/64 bit), AAX Native (64 bit), RTAS (32 bit)
Note that currently Wavelab, Audition and Soundforge are not supported on Mac systems.
Version 7 SP1 or later (32/64 bit)
Formats: VST (32/64 bit), VST3 (32/64 bit), AAX Native (64 bit), RTAS (32 bit)