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A Free Extension for Editing to the Beat of the Music

BeatMarker analyzes an audio file, then marks a song’s beats, allowing you to quickly sync your video edits to the rhythm of a track. Download and install this Adobe Extension for free, no strings attached. Optimize your Premiere Pro workflow. Avoid human error, focus on human creativity.
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A Free & Effective Adobe Premiere Pro Extension


Import Your Audio File to BeatMarker

If your track works with Premiere Pro, it works with BeatMarker. Drag & Drop or import files from your system. Use any song you want, or find royalty-free BGM in the extension itself.

Set the Markers You Need

Adjust the processing area if required. Select the number of edits you need. Instantly create markers right there on the timeline. Easily undo and alter if you want to modify your edits.

Create Markers - Quickly & Simply

Your markers are now on the audio video timeline. Time visual effects to the music beat. Edit to the rhythm of the track. Ensure other scenes or audio files match the natural flow of your video.

Create Even Faster, with this Adobe Extension

Select the video clips you want to sync. Automate them to your sequence, using your markers for placement. Then, sit back, and think about all of the work you didn't have to do.

Post Production Visual Effects, Made Easy

Add BeatMarker to your Premiere Pro workflow. BeatMarker is found directly on the Adobe Exchange, so you won't find it on third party sites.

Download BeatMarker Installers

  • OS Versions: 10.15.7, 11.2.3 (Intel and M1)
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2020 (or higher)
  • Supported video/audio editors: Learn more
  • OS Versions: 10 (1909 or later)
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2020 (or higher)
  • Supported video/audio editors: Learn more