ERA 6 Room Tone Match

ERA Room Tone Match

Room Tone Match: Keep audio ambience consistent and reduce the ADR drama


*Available for Pro Tools only

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Our ears are trained not to notice the tone of the room in a recording – at least until it disappears or changes suddenly. In post production, when recording replacement takes, or cutting and splicing clips together, sudden changes in the ambience profile become blindingly obvious.

Currently running as an AudioSuite plugin in Pro Tools only, ERA Room Tone Match analyzes and interprets the background noise of an audio clip in seconds, letting you automatically generate new background audio for a consistent, professional sound in post-production. It can even detect background ambience under foreground speech, so the whole process can take just a few seconds.

Match the sound of dialogue tracks to one another

Whatever the situation, Pro Tools users can generate more of an existing ambience or create an entirely new one using ERA Room Tone Match.

  • Disguise cuts when moving and rearranging dialogue clips, including leaving longer pauses between words or creating space after them.
  • Retain the natural ambience from an original recording when overdubbing or performing automatic dialogue replacement.
  • Add new ambience with preset background solutions including Busy City, Heavy Rain, Quiet Apartment, Ventilation, and more.
  • A complete and fast audio repair toolkit

    You can get ERA Room Tone Match as part of the ERA Bundle Pro, a complete audio restoration solution. It also features our ERA Noise Remover Pro for intense noise reduction; De-Esser Pro for advanced sibilance removal; and our ERA Reverb Remover Pro for high-quality dereverb. It also features all the ERA Bundle Standard plugins: Voice Leveler, De-Breath, Plosive Remover, De-Esser, Reverb Remover, Noise Remover,De-Clipper,Voice AutoEQ, Voice Deepener, Audio Clean-Up Assistant and Mouth De-Clicker.

    How to install and open the ERA Room Tone Match

    ERA Room Tone Match can be bought and installed individually or as part of the ERA Pro plugin bundle. For comprehensive instructions on installation, check our Help Center guides on macOS and Windows installation. ERA Room Tone Match runs as an AudioSuite plugin within Avid Pro Tools.

    How to use the ERA Room Tone Match plugin

    Select a clip in your project to have ERA Room Tone Match analyze the profile of the ambient background noise. Within the plugin, click Analyze to start the process. The red spectrograph visualizes the left channel, and the yellow spectrograph visualizes the right.
    Activate the Room Tone Only setting and press play in your project. You’ll hear the room tone now being output by ERA Room Tone Match.
    You can raise or lower the Room Tone Gain slider to increase or decrease the level of the generated audio signal.
    Click on Render and you can generate a clip to use within your timeline. This can be shortened, looped or fit into the exact places you need. You can render your new background ambience over an existing clip, with ERA Room Tone Match replacing the original with your new version.
    Room Tone Match includes a number of preset ambiences, meaning you don’t need to analyze existing audio at all to quickly generate a background tone. A list of 19 ambiences – including Driving, River, Silent Room, Kitchen, Ocean and more – covers a number of common audio settings in one convenient place.

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