ERA 4 Reverb Remover

ERA Reverb Remover
It’s a knobrainer
High-Quality Reverb Removal in seconds.
Unless you own a professional studio or feel comfortable recording in your wardrobe, it’s almost impossible to completely isolate your voice and get reverb-free audio results.
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Reverb is the unavoidable result of room acoustics. It can make your audio sound distant, "echoey" or hollow. Get the first ever single-knob ERA Reverb Remover to quickly reduce excessive reverb and bring your sound into focus. Add clarity, clean up your dialogue or tighten up your musical performance simply by turning a knob.

For more control over reverb suppression, we’ve added 5 buttons that allow you to focus processing on a specific part of the frequency spectrum: (i) all-frequencies, (ii) high-frequencies, (iii) low-frequencies, (iv) high & low frequencies and (v) mid frequencies. With a new elegant UI and an automatic gain compensation, the new ERA Reverb Remover makes a previously impossible task as simple as it gets.

Whether you are:

  • A podcaster looking for a fast and easy way to improve the audio quality of your podcast,
  • A videographer that is regularly required to fix audio but doesn’t want to touch a parametric equalizer ever again,
  • A bedroom producer recording in non ideal conditions using budget recording equipment or
  • A post production engineer struggling to meet deadlines,
  • A vlogger with a low budget equipment,

the ERA Reverb Remover will help you get hassle-free quality results!

Practice with the ERA Reverb Remover and learn how to use de-reverberation in an intense reverberation scenario.

Get the audio demos (ZIP 11.3MB)