ERA Plosive Remover

ERA Plosive Remover
It’s a knobrainer.
Diminish the effect of vocal pops by simply turning a knob.

Unless you’re a beatboxer, you probably don’t want those boomy artifacts caused by the consonants P and B in your voice recordings.

ERA Plosive Remover, UI
ERA Bundle v3.0.02 (ZIP Package)

Plosives (or p-pops) are caused by the mechanical impact of fast-moving air on the microphone capsule during voice recordings. This usually occurs due to non-ideal microphone placement. However, fixing these distracting artifacts can be a real pain and many times you’ll have to repeat the recording. Unless, of course, you add the ERA Plosive Remover to your audio repair arsenal.

Using only one knob, the ERA Plosive Remover instantly detects and fixes unnatural plosive thumps (such as "p", "t" and "b"). Based on the multi-patented accusonus algorithms, it allows for efficient processing without compromising audio quality. Make your vocal and dialogue tracks sound great!

Under the main processing knob, there is a toggle button to fine-tune the processing applied by the plug-in. There are two processing modes available; “Normal” and “Extreme”. Whether you're facing subtle pops or really intense plosives, using the appropriate mode will help you eliminate the problem.

Are you a podcaster, videographer, vlogger, dialogue editor or post production engineer? The ERA Plosive Remover will help you save tons of time so you can focus more on the creative side of your work.

Practice with the ERA Plosive Remover and learn how to effectively remove one of the most common mic artifacts.

Get the audio demos (ZIP 11.3MB)