ERA 6 Noise Remover

ERA Noise Remover

Noise Remover Plugin: The best noise reduction plugin

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When recording outside, on location or in any untreated environment, noise always rears its ugly head. Be it passing cars, construction noise or mechanical whirs, noise can spoil the listening or watching experience for any watcher or listener.

Fortunately there’s an easy fix. Accusonus’ Noise Remover is a simple, one dial plugin which cleans your recordings of noise in no time at all.

Reduce noise without making it sound artificial

We don’t notice it day to day but, unless it has been professionally acoustically treated, noise is prevalent in almost all recording environments. The ERA Noise Remover can be used on almost all audio recordings to improve them, cleaning them up with ease.

  • When recording at home, sounds such as refrigerators, air conditioning units and computer fans will often add subtle noise to your audio recordings. Get rid of them with the ERA Noise Remover.
  • Recording in busy, outdoor environments is a lot of fun but it can make getting clean, usable audio a challenge. Fortunately our Noise Remover will get rid of any unwanted ambience, such as passing cars and loud voices, with the turn of a dial.
  • Salvage audio tracks simply and effortlessly

    You can get Noise Remover as part of the ERA Bundle Standard and Pro. The ERA Bundle Standard is packed full of powerful, single dial tools which will help you clean up audio recordings in no time. On top of the Noise Remover, in this awesome bundle you’ll find our De-Esser, De-Breath, Reverb Remover, Voice Leveler, Plosive Remover, De-Clipper, Voice AutoEQ, Voice Deepener, Audio Clean-Up Assistant and Mouth De-Clicker

    The ERA Pro Bundle comes with all the amazing plugins found in the standard bundle as well as a handful of advanced audio clean up tools suited to professionals looking for maximum control over their audio. Some of the exclusive tools in the ERA Pro Bundle include: Noise Remover Pro, Room Tone Match, Reverb Remover Pro and De-Esser Pro.

    How to install and open the ERA Noise Remover

    ERA Noise Remover can be bought and installed as part of the ERA Standard and ERA Pro plugin bundles. For comprehensive instructions on installation, check our Help Center guides on macOS and Windows installation.

    ERA Noise Remover runs as a VST, Audio Unit or AAX plugin within a piece of host software: a DAW or an NLE such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Apple Logic, Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Live and many others.

    How to Use the ERA Noise Remover plugin

    The ERA Noise Remover balances a simple and intuitive interface with incredibly powerful noise removal capabilities, allowing you to remove background noise with the turn of a dial. Let’s have a look at the interface.

    Processing Dial

    The processing dial is the main parameter in the Noise Remover’s workflow. Simply crank it up to increase the amount of noise reduction processing being applied to your signal or bring it down to process your sound less.


    The Output dial sets the gain of Noise Remover’s output signal.

    Off/On Switch

    Use this switch to bypass the plugin.

    Saw Wave Button

    Activate this button when working with buzz like noise.


    The focus options allow you to to target specific parts of the frequency spectrum with noise reduction.

    A/B Switch

    A/B between different parameter settings instantly to get the best sound possible.

    The ERA Noise Remover works fantastically in conjunction with our other ERA Bundle audio clean up tools like the ERA De-Clipper and ERA De-Esser. Always be sure to put ERA Noise Remover first in the chain as you want to get noise out of your signal as early as possible.

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    Compatible with:
    Adobe Premiere Pro Apple Final Cut Pro BlackMagic Design - DaVinci Resolve Cockos Reaper Audacity Adobe Audition Pro Avid Pro Tools Apple Logic Pro Avid Media Composer Apple GarageBand
    ...and many more
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    ERA Bundle Standard
    The best audio restoration plugins with one-knob functionality.
    ERA Bundle Standard
    • Noise Remover
    • Reverb Remover
    • Mouth De-Clicker
    • De-Breath
    • Voice AutoEQ
    • Voice Leveler
    • Voice Deepener
    • Audio CleanUp Assistant
    • De-Esser
    • Plosive Remover
    • De-Clipper
    ERA Bundle Pro
    Highest-quality plugins for fast audio repair & spectral restoration.
    Everything in ERA Bundle Standard, plus:
    • Noise Remover Pro
    • Reverb Remover Pro
    • DeEsser Pro
    • RoomTone Match
    All Access Suite
    All the audio tools you need to turn your idea into a product.
    Everything in ERA Bundle PRO, plus:
    Voice Changer
    High-Quality/Convincing voice profiles:
    • Character, Effect, Environment
    SFX Cellar Premium
    • Unlimited royalty-free sound effects
    Music Cellar (Beta)
    • Background Music for your content