ERA 4 Noise Remover

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ERA Noise Remover
It’s a knobrainer
High-Quality Noise Removal in seconds.
Background noise is the most common problem in audio and video recordings. Use the ERA Noise Remover to easily reduce or completely remove unwanted background noise such as computer fans, air-conditioners, electric hum & hiss or other sonic artifacts.
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The ERA Noise Remover is a multi-patented, single knob denoise plugin that allows you to clean up your noisy recordings faster and easier than ever.

For more in-depth noise suppression, we’ve added 5 buttons that allow you to focus processing on a specific part of the frequency spectrum: (i) all-frequencies, (ii) high-frequencies, (iii) low-frequencies, (iv) high & low frequencies and (v) mid frequencies.

Whether you are:

  • A podcaster looking for a fast and easy way to improve the audio quality of your podcast,
  • A videographer that is regularly required to fix audio but doesn’t want to touch a parametric equalizer ever again,
  • A bedroom producer recording in non ideal conditions using budget recording equipment or
  • A post production engineer struggling to meet deadlines,

the ERA Noise Remover will help you get hassle-free high-quality results!

The ERA Noise Remover is designed to reduce not just noise, but most importantly the effort and time required to get your audio right!

Practice with the ERA Noise Remover and learn how to effectively remove background noise by using our audio demo examples.

Get the audio demos (ZIP 11.3MB)