ERA 6 Mouth De Clicker

ERA Mouth De Clicker

Mouth De Clicker Plugin: Quickly eliminate unwanted mouth noise, saliva crackle and lip smacks

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From saliva crackle to lip smack, encountering mouth noise in your audio can be downright disgusting. Don’t devote hours of your time to finding and removing them all by hand - or worse, re-recording. Use ERA’s Mouth De-Clicker plugin, and let it highlight these unwanted mouth sounds for you.

You can then adjust a single knob to remove them. Create clean, cozy audio in seconds - no wet sounds. Worry less about changing hardware setups and recording techniques. Focus more on your creative workflow and editing priorities.

Handle Mouth Clicks Smarter, Not Harder

An audio track filled with mouth noise used to give you two options. You could either manually tailor the sound, or try recording it again. Often, neither was ideal, or even possible. Thankfully, you’ve now got a third option; Mouth De-Clicker:

  • Save audio corrupted with mouth clicks and saliva sounds, faster than ever before.
  • Avoid buying complex hardware setups or microphone upgrades.
  • You can switch between two modes to solve specific mouth noise problems.
  • Mouth Noise, Audio Repair, and You

    The Mouth De-Clicker comes as part of the ERA Standard and Pro Bundles. It’s a great package if you work with audio, whether that’s for a podcast, voice artistry, or to accompany video content. This all-in-one solution contains a series of single dial plugins - De-Breath, De-Esser, Reverb Remover, Voice Leveler, Plosive Remover, Noise Remover, Voice AutoEQ, Voice Deepener, De-Clipper, Audio Clean-Up Assistant and Mouth De-Clicker. Together, they can solve any audio issue you are facing.

    For those of you wanting more control and options, our Pro version features an additional Room-Tone Match tool, as well as more advanced plugins: Noise Remover Pro, Reverb Remover Pro, and De-Esser Pro.

    How to Install and Open the Mouth De-clicker

    Mouth De-Clicker can be installed via our Standard and Pro versions of the ERA bundle. For comprehensive installation instructions, please check out the following:

  • macOS installation guide
  • Windows installation guide

  • Our tools work as VST, Audio Unit or AAX plugins, depending on the host software; an audio editor/DAW or video editor/NLE, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Apple Logic, Avid Pro Tools, and many others.

    How to Clean-Up Mouth Clicks with the ERA Mouth De-clicker plugin

    Remove mouth sounds and saliva crackle easily, with Mouth De-Clicker. Let’s take a quick look at the interface:

    Main Dial

    This controls how much De-Clicking is applied to the track. The further you turn it, the more the effect is applied.

    Processing Mode

    Mouth De-Clicker has two modes:

  • Normal - for continuous, repeated mouth noise and saliva crackle that occurs throughout your track.
  • Broad - for audio tracks that feature big, individual mouth noises - such as lip smacks or tongue smacks.
  • DIFF Button

    With the DIFF, or ‘difference’ button, you can toggle it to hear the exact clicks, saliva sounds and mouth noises that the plugin is removing from your audio. Or, to put it bluntly, you can appreciate all of the hard work that you didn’t have to do manually!

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    Compatible with:
    Adobe Premiere Pro Apple Final Cut Pro BlackMagic Design - DaVinci Resolve Cockos Reaper Audacity Adobe Audition Pro Avid Pro Tools Apple Logic Pro Avid Media Composer Apple GarageBand
    ...and many more
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    ERA Bundle Standard
    The best audio restoration plugins with one-knob functionality.
    ERA Bundle Standard
    • Noise Remover
    • Reverb Remover
    • Mouth De-Clicker
    • De-Breath
    • Voice AutoEQ
    • Voice Leveler
    • Voice Deepener
    • Audio CleanUp Assistant
    • De-Esser
    • Plosive Remover
    • De-Clipper
    ERA Bundle Pro
    Highest-quality plugins for fast audio repair & spectral restoration.
    Everything in ERA Bundle Standard, plus:
    • Noise Remover Pro
    • Reverb Remover Pro
    • DeEsser Pro
    • RoomTone Match
    All Access Suite
    All the audio tools you need to turn your idea into a product.
    Everything in ERA Bundle PRO, plus:
    Voice Changer
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