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ERA De-Esser

De-Esser Plugin: Control sibilance in seconds

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As all video and audio professionals know, sibilance is an unavoidable problem in the recording process. Harsh esses can blight voiceovers and dialogue, so having a reliable and quick de-esser in your plugin arsenal is essential.

The accusonus De-Esser – part of the ERA Bundle Standard and Pro – is the quickest solution on the market. Traditional de-essers require you to target sibilant frequencies yourself. However, ERA De-Esser does this for you.
Remove sibilance with just the turn of a dial.
See the software detecting the S’s in your waveform, turn the dial and get the sibilant-free audio your work deserves in moments.

ERA De-Esser can be used in any audio environment. It’s easy to use and has an intuitive interface paired with a powerful processing algorithm. Therefore, it’s an indispensable tool for veterans and beginners alike

No need to spend much time tweaking - great instant results!

Let’s face it, no-one wants to spend hours tuning a plugin. This is why the ERA De-Esser is the perfect tool for every creator!

  • Video Creators: Remove the harshness from voice overs and dialogue with ease. Even if you’re not an audio expert, the ERA De-Esser will get you professional results in no time.
  • Podcasters: Put De-Esser on each speaker’s vocal chain – after compression and EQ – and de-ess your entire podcast in seconds. No need to fiddle with frequency targeting to de-ess voices.
  • Musicians: The accusonus De-Esser isn’t just for spoken voices. It will deal with harsh esses in sung vocal performances too. Just put it on the end of your vocal chain and you’re done!
  • Post production engineers: How much does your time worth? Use the fastest de-esser plugin in the market, hit apply in the effect and it just works.
  • Address a massive swath of audio headaches

    The accusonus De-Esser is part of the ERA bundle – a complete audio cleanup solution for video creators, podcasters, musicians, post production engineers or anyone working with audio. ERA comes with a mix of powerful yet simple to use single dial plugins as well as some more detailed, pro options which give the user more in-depth control if desired.

    You can get the ERA De-Esser as part of both the ERA Bundle Standard and the ERA Bundle Pro. The ERA Bundle Standard comes with some essential, easy-to-use but powerful single dial tools including: Noise Remover, Reverb Remover, De-Breath, Voice Leveler, Plosive Remover, De-Clipper, Voice AutoEQ, Voice Deepener, Audio Clean-Up Assistant and Mouth De-Clicker. When it comes to instant audio cleanup the ERA Bundle’s got your back.

    The ERA Bundle Pro includes all of the tools included in the standard ERA Bundle as well as a selection of advanced audio cleanup tools for professionals. With the ERA Bundle Pro you’ll also get Noise Remover Pro, Room Tone Match, Reverb Remover Pro and De-Esser Pro, enabling you to clean up audio recordings with surgical precision.

    How to install the ERA De-Esser plugin

    ERA De-Esser can be bought and installed as part of the ERA Standard and ERA Pro plugin bundles. For comprehensive instructions on installation, check our Help Center guides on macOS and Windows installation.

    ERA De-Esser runs as a VST, Audio Unit or AAX plugin within a piece of host software: a DAW or an NLE such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Apple Logic, Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Live and many others.

    How to use the ERA De-Esser plugin

    De-essing vocals and voice recordings with the accusonus De-Esser is simple. It has a single dial that controls the level of de-essing applied and most of the time that’s the only parameter you’ll need to worry about. However, there are a few more controls that allow you to tweak your processing if you’d like.

    Processing Dial

    At the center of the ERA De-Esser workflow is the processing dial. This dial controls the level of de-essing being applied to your audio – simple!


    The Output fader is a gain control which allows you to boost or cut the level of ERA De-Esser’s output.

    Off/On Switch

    The Off/On switch bypasses the vocal De-Esser quickly and easily.


    Diff (or Difference) is a very useful button. When activated it lets you listen to what De-Esser is removing from your audio – great for referencing.


    Mode sets the band type used when applying de-essing to your signal, choose from Normal or Broad to de-ess a smaller or larger band on the frequency spectrum.

    The ERA De-Esser pairs well with our Plosive Remover – get rid of harsh sibilance and pesky plosives almost instantly.

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    Compatible with:
    Adobe Premiere Pro Apple Final Cut Pro BlackMagic Design - DaVinci Resolve Cockos Reaper Audacity Adobe Audition Pro Avid Pro Tools Apple Logic Pro Avid Media Composer Apple GarageBand
    ...and many more
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    ERA Bundle Standard
    The best audio restoration plugins with one-knob functionality.
    ERA Bundle Standard
    • Noise Remover
    • Reverb Remover
    • Mouth De-Clicker
    • De-Breath
    • Voice AutoEQ
    • Voice Leveler
    • Voice Deepener
    • Audio CleanUp Assistant
    • De-Esser
    • Plosive Remover
    • De-Clipper
    ERA Bundle Pro
    Highest-quality plugins for fast audio repair & spectral restoration.
    Everything in ERA Bundle Standard, plus:
    • Noise Remover Pro
    • Reverb Remover Pro
    • DeEsser Pro
    • RoomTone Match
    All Access Suite
    All the audio tools you need to turn your idea into a product.
    Everything in ERA Bundle PRO, plus:
    Voice Changer
    High-Quality/Convincing voice profiles:
    • Character, Effect, Environment
    SFX Cellar Premium
    • Unlimited royalty-free sound effects
    Music Cellar (Beta)
    • Background Music for your content