ERA 6 De-Esser Pro

ERA De Esser Pro

De-Esser Pro: Get more focus when one-dial de-essing isn't enough

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Our ERA De-Esser provides a single-dial solution for removing “Ess” sounds in spoken audio; but sometimes you need more control and customization. As part of the ERA Bundle Pro, the ERA De-Esser Pro lets you tailor the intelligent de-essing response with Focus and Shaping controls, and provides a larger display to visualize the audio waveform.

Dramatically improve your audio production workflow

ERA De-Esser Pro gives you more options to fine-tune the exact response of its processing.

  • n intelligent de-esser with precision controls to perfectly sculpt the response – move beyond de-essing into de-harshing of non-voice sources.
  • Specify the problem frequencies that you want ERA De-Esser Pro to work on. The Focus control lets you target frequencies centred from 1kHz to 8kHz.
  • For a gentler response or a steeper dynamic reduction, set the Shaping of the processing between Soft and Sharp characteristics.
  • The fastest audio restoration solution available

    You can get ERA De-Esser Pro as part of the ERA Bundle Pro, a complete audio restoration solution. It also features our ERA Noise Remover Pro for intense noise reduction; Room Tone Match for creating consistent ambience between dialogue tracks; and our ERA Reverb Remover Pro for high-quality dereverb. It also features all the ERA Bundle Standard plugins: Voice Leveler, De-Breath, Plosive Remover, De-Esser, Reverb Remover, Noise Remover, De-Clipper, Voice AutoEQ, Voice Deepener, Audio Clean-Up Assistant and Mouth De-Clicker.

    How to install and open the ERA De-Esser Pro

    ERA De-Esser Pro can be bought and installed individually or as part of the ERA Pro plugin bundle. For comprehensive instructions on installation, check our Help Center guides on macOS and Windows installation.

    ERA De-Esser Pro runs as a VST, Audio Units or AAX plugin within a piece of host software: a DAW or an NLE such as Avid Pro Tools and Media Composer, Apple Logic, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Ableton Live, Adobe Audition and many others.

    How to use the ERA De-Esser Pro plugin

    With an intuitive set of controls, the ERA De-Esser Pro offers both surgical precision and fast processing options. Here are the main features:


    Load ERA De-Esser Pro over sibilant audio and start by turning the central Processing control up to increase how much de-essing or de-harshing is happening.


    Set the central frequency range that you want ERA De-Esser Pro to process. The default 4000Hz setting is usually great for voice recordings, but you can shift focus based on the particular harshness. Moving down to 1kHz or up to 8kHz can help de-harsh cymbals or tame overly-bright treble.


    Acts like a ‘character’ control for the Ess detection and suppression. Two recordings may have harsh Ess frequencies in the same frequency range, but one may need gentler or stronger reduction than the other.

    Waveform Visualizer

    Sibilance is displayed as green areas on top of your input audio waveform. Depending on the amount of Processing applied, these are the areas that will be reduced.


    Preview your audio with just the Ess sounds that are being removed. This is useful for setting the Focus control and honing in on the exact roughness that you want to get rid of using the plugin.

    Input/Output Gain

    Drive the Input gain harder before it hits the de-essing process, and raise the Output gain to compensate for level reduction caused.

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    Compatible with:
    Adobe Premiere Pro Apple Final Cut Pro BlackMagic Design - DaVinci Resolve Cockos Reaper Adobe Audition Pro Avid Pro Tools Apple Logic Pro Avid Media Composer Apple GarageBand
    ...and many more
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    ERA Bundle Standard
    The best audio restoration plugins with one-knob functionality.
    ERA Bundle Standard
    • Noise Remover
    • Reverb Remover
    • Mouth De-Clicker
    • De-Breath
    • Voice AutoEQ
    • Voice Leveler
    • Voice Deepener
    • Audio CleanUp Assistant
    • De-Esser
    • Plosive Remover
    • De-Clipper
    ERA Bundle Pro
    Highest-quality plugins for fast audio repair & spectral restoration.
    Everything in ERA Bundle Standard, plus:
    • Noise Remover Pro
    • Reverb Remover Pro
    • DeEsser Pro
    • RoomTone Match
    All Access Suite
    All the audio tools you need to turn your idea into a product.
    Everything in ERA Bundle PRO, plus:
    Voice Changer
    High-Quality/Convincing voice profiles:
    • Character, Effect, Environment
    SFX Cellar Premium
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    Music Cellar (Beta)
    • Background Music for your content