Best-in-class joint denoise and dereverberation for audio repair professionals

ERA-D is your only choice when you want to analyze and remove noise and reverberation at the same time. It focuses on those two things and does them exceptionally well.

ERA Bundle v3.0.02 (ZIP Package)

Are you a post production engineer, a professional videographer or a dialogue editor? Are you in need of deep and sophisticated denoise and dereverberation processing? Meet ERA-D: the secret weapon of post production professionals!

  • Multi-patented algorithms for noise and reverberation suppression
  • Intelligent joint processing: this mode takes into account the natural noise and reverb counter-interaction. This enables you to get higher quality sonic results.
  • Dual Channel mode that allows you to use a secondary microphone to improve the audio repair quality on your primary microphone
  • Spectral-based control of noise and reverberation reduction/li>
  • Advanced parameters panel, for deeper enhancement options
  • Intuitive and human-friendly interface

Get world class results, faster than ever!