Multiplan Suites

Accusonus Suites,
Tailored for You
Accusonus offers a bunch of different products, for a bunch of different audio problems. The ERA Bundle allows you to quickly repair audio, whereas its Pro counterpart offers deeper control for audio professionals. SFX Cellar has a ton of curated, royalty-free sound effects, and Music Cellar has free-to-use background tunes for any content type.

Often, you need a mix of these things. Try out one of our Suites to save money!
Creator Suite
The fastest audio repair plugins & unlimited sound effects
  • ERA Bundle Standard
  • ✓ Noise Remover
  • ✓ Reverb Remover
  • ✓ Mouth De-Clicker
  • ✓ AutoEQ
  • ✓ Voice Leveler
  • ✓ Voice Deepener
  • ✓ CleanUp Assistant
  • ✓ De-Esser
  • ✓ Plosive Remover
  • ✓ De-Clipper

SFX Cellar Premium
  • ✓ Unlimited royalty-free sound effects

Music Cellar (Beta)
  • ✓ Background Music for your content
Post Production Suite
Plugins for fast audio repair, spectral restoration & unlimited sound effects
  • ✓ Everything in Creator Suite

ERA Bundle Pro
  • ✓ Noise Remover Pro
  • ✓ Reverb Remover Pro
  • ✓ DeEsser Pro
  • ✓ RoomTone Match