Multiplan Suites

Accusonus Suites,
Tailored for You
Accusonus offers a range of different products, for a range of different audio problems. The ERA Bundle allows you to quickly repair audio, with its Pro counterpart offering deeper control for audio professionals. Voice Changer enables fast voice sculpting for a myriad of creative purposes. SFX Cellar has a ton of curated, royalty-free sound effects, and Music Cellar has free-to-use background tunes for any content type.

Often, you need a mix of these things. Try out one of our Suites to save money!
Creator Suite
The fastest audio repair plugins & unlimited sound effects
  • ERA Bundle Standard
  • ✓ Noise Remover
  • ✓ Reverb Remover
  • ✓ Mouth De-Clicker
  • ✓ AutoEQ
  • ✓ Voice Leveler
  • ✓ Voice Deepener
  • ✓ CleanUp Assistant
  • ✓ De-Esser
  • ✓ Plosive Remover
  • ✓ De-Clipper

Voice Changer
  • High-Quality/Convincing voice profiles:
  • ✓ Character
  • ✓ Effect
  • ✓ Environment

SFX Cellar Premium
  • ✓ Unlimited royalty-free sound effects

Music Cellar (Beta)
  • ✓ Background Music for your content
Post Production Suite
Plugins for fast audio repair, spectral restoration & unlimited sound effects
  • ✓ Everything in Creator Suite

ERA Bundle Pro
  • ✓ Noise Remover Pro
  • ✓ Reverb Remover Pro
  • ✓ DeEsser Pro
  • ✓ RoomTone Match