Accusonus Releases Regroover: A.I. Beat Machine that splits audio into Layers

Accusonus Releases Regroover: A.I. Beat Machine that splits audio into Layers

Regroover is the world's first Artificial-Intelligence Beat Machine. Based on accusonus' patent-pending “advanced audio analysis” (a3) technology, Regroover analyzes your audio clips and extracts the underlying sound layers. Using these previously unreachable sonic elements, producers, musicians, DJs and sound designers are now able to remix, rearrange and manipulate their grooves with unprecedented flexibility. Regroover is a Virtual Instrument that opens up brand-new creative possibilities and extends traditional music sampling.

What can you do with Regroover that was impossible until now?

  • Unmix your grooves and reach new sampling frontiers. In many cases, Regroover will identify and extract the original source components of your audio grooves or a combination of those components. Breathe new life into your old sound libraries using Regroover’s pioneering technology.
  • Rebalance and refine your groove samples. Precisely craft the sound of individual sound layers and add your favorite effects. Use Regroover to polish your beats or create inspirational sounding versions.
  • Remix your beats and produce new rhythmic variations. Musicians traditionally take advantage of beat slicing to remix a groove. Regroover extends beat manipulation to the next level. Rearrange the sound layers and use them to produce fresh beat variations.
  • Play around with the A.I. engine and extract new, exciting sounds. Regroover’s A.I. algorithm can identify fascinating music patterns based on several sonic characteristics. Experiment with the A.I. engine settings and reveal the underlying micro rhythms and hidden tempo patterns of your beat samples.

Key Features

  • A.I. engine that analyzes audio clips and extracts sound layers
  • User adjustable parameters to control the analysis results
  • Annotation tool that allows the user to guide the analysis process
  • Locking features to preserve layer sounds between analysis operations  
  • State of the art time warping to sync audio clips with the DAW session
  • Supports multiple outputs for flexible DAW integration
  • MIDI playback with user adjustable start/stop markers for each layer

Regroover Essential is immediately available exclusively at PRICE $99

Regroover Pro will be released in November 2016 and will include a fullflavored drum sampler that will allow you to create, edit and play Expansion Kits from your layers.

Regroover is available as AU, VST, AAX Native on both Windows and Mac (more details at