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Audio Repair & Sound Design Plugins
ERA Bundle
& Voice Changer
Collection of software plugins for quickly fixing your audio inside your video or sound editor - VST, AAX, AU
Adobe Premiere Extensions
Beat Marker
Adobe Premiere extension that automatically detects beat onsets and allows you to easily edit your videos to the beat
Music Production
Regroover Pro
Virtual Instrument plugin for beat production: split your loop into layers and enable new beat making workflows - VST, AAX, AU
Virtual Instrument plugin for beat jamming: use Rhythmiq to jam with your beats in new and intuitive ways - VST, AU
Virtual Instrument plugin for beat sculpting: sculpt your beat sound with intuitive controls - VST, AAX, AU
Standalone app and companion plugin for drum leakage suppression
Regroover Essential
Beat Making virtual instrument with loop un-mixing capabilities - VST, AAX, AU