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Be a part of drumatom's future!

Be a part of drumatom's future!

Be a part of drumatom's future!

Hey everyone! Do you want to be a part of drumatom’s future? Here’s how: send us your drum recordings and instantly get a $50 coupon for your next purchase from the accusonus store! Plus, an exclusive gift pack will be delivered to 10 lucky winners!

What we need from you: - drum samples: A 2-minute solo recording for every close-miked drum element in your drum kit, captured by all mics (overhead and room mics included). Τhe recording should consist of 1-minute single hits and 1-minute of actual playing variations. Attention: only one drum element should be recorded each time! - drum tracks: At least two complete drum recordings between 3-5 mins long, recorded under the same conditions as the samples (mic positions, drum kit). These could be any songs you like. It’s better if you don’t apply any processing on the microphone signals during recording, especially compression. For all the above cases, we need the complete unedited, unprocessed multitrack audio files.

Check out the following screenshot, to get a better picture of what we are looking for!

What you get: Everyone who’ll send a recording as described will get a $50 coupon for the accusonus store (which can be combined with other promotions). 10 lucky users will also get a personal gift package (with audio and non-audio hand-picked gifts from the accusonus team).

How it works: Drop us an e-mail at with a download link for the drum recordings as specified above. Once we check it, we’ll send you the coupon right away!

The fine print: We promise to use your data for research purposes only.

Let the drums roll!

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