Alex Tsilfidis

Co-Founder & CEO

Electrical and Computer Engineer with a PhD in Audio Signal Processing and Master's degree in Acoustics. Author of more than 20 international scientific papers and book chapters. Has also worked as IT manager and software developer. Former electronic musician/ composer, mainly writing music for prime Greek theatre shows and films.

Elias Kokkinis

Co-Founder & CTO

Electrical and Computer Engineer with a Ph.D. degree in Audio Signal Processing. Acknowledged researcher. Fields of expertise include: signal processing, room acoustics, software development for embedded systems, sound engineering, studio recording and music production. Former sound engineer for concerts and studios and amateur drummer.

Michael Tzannes

Co-Founder & Chairman

Experienced executive and innovator in the high-tech industry. Founder and Executive Manager of Tzannes Patent Management, LLC, focused on the strategic development, assessment and monetization of high-quality patent assets. Former CTO, CEO and Board Chairman of Aware Inc. (NASDAQ:AWRE) a widely recognized communications technology pioneer. Member of classic rock cover band French Lick that performs at charity events throughout the Boston area.

Maria Kouroussi

Lead Software Engineer

Software engineer. Focused on all aspects of application and plug-in development. C++ programmer, GUI designer and framework specialist.

Foteini Fotopoulou

Lead R&D Engineer

Electrical and Computer Engineer with a PhD in machine learning algorithms for 3D shapes and MSc in Electronics & Information Processing. Focused and experienced in audio applications, enjoys facing novel research problems.

Stelios Bournous

Product Manager

Digital Signal Processing engineer, focused on research and development of audio analysis and machine learning techniques . Amateur recording and mixing engineer . Member of Grottesco, a local Aggressive-Funk band.

Stergios Terpinas

R&D Engineer

Electrical and Computer Engineer, with R&D experience on a range of audio products. Focused on audio DSP and AI techniques, including real-time audio applications and machine learning. Solid C++, Python and Matlab background. Amateur radio producer and guitarist.

Evangelos Tsintzas

Product Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing aficionado. Web tech enthusiast. Audio Engineer with a BA in Music Production & Audio Engineering. Interested in sound design and synthesis, next-gen audio production tools and spatial audio. Enjoys producing music in-the-box and gaming competitively.

Christos Panagiotopoulos

Lead R&D Engineer

Audio DSP engineer with an M.Sc in Applied DSP from ISVR (Southampton,UK) and extensive experience in the audio and music industry, in embedded systems programming, real-time audio effects design and implementation, music production and sound design techniques.

Charalampos Tsimpouris

Lead Software Engineer

As long as he can remember, over a keyboard trying to engineer anything. Programming by nature as a freelancer and the last years happy under the umbrella of Accusonus. Always trying to be full of joy, as the name suggests.

Frini Paschou

Software Engineer

Electrical and Computer Engineer with a focus in audio applications and software engineering. Amateur pianist and aspiring violin beginner.

Takis Chronopoulos

Senior QA Engineer

Giannis Ntouskos

Product Manager

Audio engineer and electronic music producer with extensive knowledge on synthesis, mastering and music technology. Interested in the art and science of modern tools for music production, human centric UI design and applied psychoacoustics.

Chris Anastasiades

Digital Marketing Manager

Electrical and Electronic Engineering with an MEng in "Computer-generated holography". His career passion is to start up and help companies to grow. One of his many dreams is to finish the IRONMAN while listening to a Regroover cover of the Black Sabbath - Iron Man.

Thomas Balogiannis

Creative Content Producer

Sound designer, music producer & video editor. Interested in new-age technologies and genres around electronic field, A/V mixing and color grading. Has worked on a wide variety of projects through the last years and co-operated with several renowned directors & producers. Enjoys watching movies, reading & taking urban walks.

Dimitris Koutsaidis

R&D Engineer

Electrical and Computer Engineer focused on digital audio signal processing with a background on spatial audio and acoustics. Former sound engineer for live music events. Amateur guitar player and drums beginner.

Kyriakos Zafeiropoulos

Software Engineer

Electrical and Computer Engineer interested in telecommunications software and web development. Also a classical guitar soloist and teacher.

Chara Konstantakopoulou

Senior Visual Designer

Architect that choose illustration and graphic design over architecture. So basically an illustrator and graphic designer. Friend of cats, dogs, birds, turtles, bees and plants.

Angeliki Tzigkou

Customer Experience Manager

Always reinventing herself through work and challenging environments, envisioning herself as a problem solver and logical thinker despite her theoretical studies. Cinema enthusiast, amateur cyclist.

Charalampos Spyropoulos

Senior Software Engineer

Software engineer with MSc in Computational Intelligence. Has focused on iOS Development and Swift. Interested also in Blockchain Technology, Software Architecture and IoT. Has over two decades of professional engineering experience spreading among several software and consultancy companies. Enjoys Travelling, watching Theater, making DIY projects and trying to do Yoga.

Nikos Skiadas

Software Engineer

George Tzoupis

R&D Engineer

Thanos Kostis

Head of Software Engineering

Chara Pappa

Software Engineer

George Zachos

R&D Engineer

Acoustician with a PhD in auralization and cognitive acoustics, MSc in acoustics, and physics background. Interested in all things audio DSP, sound design and visual content creation. Livecoding for music.

Panagiotis Lagdas

QA Specialist

Audio engineer, educator, and music producer with an MSc in Music Engineering and Production. Laptop musician who loves creating his own sonic and workflow tools to create and perform music. Live sound engineer with a knack for sound system design and optimization. Room acoustics have always been a favourite subject where two theses were dedicated to it. Designed and built his own studio. Produced music for TV, discography and various media.

Spiros Tselepis

Content Specialist

Music producer focused on sound design and game audio. Interested in every form of technology and innovation. Veteran BMX rider, travel & food vlog fan and super friendly to every AI machine.

Foivos Gkouvas

R&D Engineer

DSP engineer with an M.Sc. in Acoustics & Music Technology and working experience within realtime audio plugins and consumer electronics. Interested in all sorts of audio DSP, and especially sound synthesis. Often messing around with DIY (noisy) music tools, either digital or analog. Amateur drummer, bedroom producer and seasoned swimmer.

Kostas Karamitas

Lead Software Engineer

Electrical and Computer Engineer, audio geek, electronic music producer and sci-fi nerd. Focused on Software Engineering and DSP. Loves weird music, barbeque and distortion.

John Valasis

Product Manager

Composer, producer and sound designer with genuine love for soulful music and sound technology. Through his 20-year professional career, he has managed to craft a strong musical identity while he has worked for a great number of prestigious brands such as BBC, Amazon Studios, Native Instruments, Ableton and Vice Magazine to name a few.

Georgia Eleni Tigkinagka

Administrative Assistant

Architect, Art Historian, Curator, Admin, Glaswegian in the heart, and many more to come. All in one. My hobbies are label printing and bad humour.

Sotiris Lapathiotis

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing enthusiast, holds a bachelor degree in computer engineering from Patras University and sports addict. Also a book nerd.

Fiore Martin

Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineer with an MSc in Computer Science. Specializes in interactive systems and audio programming, with several years of experience in both industry and academia. Experimental music enthusiast, in his spare time he enjoys making noise with computers and synthesizers, as well as building bespoke wacky musical instruments.

Angelos Mitsios

QA Engineer

Musician, electronic music composer (BA, MMus) and tech enthusiast. Likes tinkering with anything software and hardware.

Ilias Politis

Community Manager

Music producer and sound designer, passionate about spreading ideas and being creative. Enjoys reading about human psychology, taking soundwalks and playing the saxophone.

Foivos Rinis

Software Engineer

Audio DSP engineer interested in sound synthesis, algorithmic composition and single board computers. Loves synthesizers, experimenting with sensor-based musical instruments and hiking.

Charalampos Koutsougeras

QA Specialist

George Psistakis

Marketing Lead

Product led growth geek, entrepreneur, and an engineer at heart. Built and exited his own SaaS in the data management space. Loves working in challenging SaaS tech products, helping them grow and become empathy-driven. Happy father of two noisy kids, loves to learn and develop himself, reads and watches sci-fi, plays board and PC games, and runs a few miles.

Valia Lekka

Senior Product Manager

Electrical and Computer Engineer with an MSc in Signal and Image Processing. Filmmaker and camera crew-er. Product manager.

Konstantinos Gkanatsios

Software Engineer

Electronic and Computer Systems Engineer with passion for web development and continuous learning mindset. Enjoys travelling, cooking and playing football.

George Ramantanis

Sound Engineer & Content Curator

Producer and audio engineer focused on film sound and everything around audio post production. Credits include everything from Yorgos Lanthimo's Academy Award nominated "Dogtooth", to Lego Movie and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Vasilis Katsoulieris

Accounting Manager

Afroditi Alevizopoulou

Software Engineer

Software engineer, focused on web application development (Node.js, React, Python). Spent some years of her life over the frets of an electric guitar, a fate that cannot be escaped when someone shares the same birthday as the great Jimi Hendrix.

Michael Oikonomou

BI Engineer

Accomplished Data Engineer professional with substantial experience in multinational corporate environment. Excellent organization, communication and data modelling technical skills combined with performance driver approach and a passion of achieving business objectives with high level of quality.

Vasilis Stathias

Senior CRM Manager

Marketing professional with experience in helping companies grow internationally by keeping their customers engaged, delighted and informed. Believes that ‘The Office (US)’ is better than psychotherapy and spends his free time playing video-& board- games.

Jabez Sherrington

Content Editor

Proud Northerner & cat aficionado, with a degree in professional wrestling. After cutting his teeth in the Ukrainian tech scene, he now sets his sights on his true passion: getting ideas published. Balances a love of writing with moody movies & nihilistic novels, with a touch of food photography every now & again.

Bill Kolip

Senior UX Designer

An interface lover who owns multiple playlists on YouTube & Spotify - lately into Gospel music. Amen.

Thanos Nikopoulos

Software Engineer

I like to think outside the box, and come up with imaginative solutions to problems. Creative for and around people, curious for how things work.

Spyros Siannas

Software Engineer

Electrical and Computer Engineer interested in Computer Science, Ethical Hacking and Audio Systems. Loves problem solving, being organized and communicating with others. Besides that, occasionally performs live as a musician, enjoys travelling, movies and reading.

Maria Bitirini

Software Engineer

Electrical and Computer Engineer focused on web development and building cool projects. Loves programming, learning new stuff, traveling, exploring and lifting heavy things.

Thanasis Kontokostas

Software Engineer

Software Engineer, Cyber Security enthusiast and veteran no-lifer gamer. Passionate about learning new stuff and solving hard challenges. Loves extreme sports the same as he hates CSS!

Charalampos Renieris

Software Engineer

Software Engineer with an MSc in Informatics focused on web applications. Passionate about discovering new technologies and new projects to play around.

Vasilis Bachras

Marketing Operations Specialist

Electrical and Computer Engineer that decided to pursue a career in marketing. Good with numbers and always up for a new challenge. Amateur radio producer that loves electronic and pop music. If you want to spark a conversation with him, start talking about politics, basketball, or entrepreneurship.

Elias Lumpert

R&D Engineer

Audio Signal Processing Engineer with a M.Sc in Acoustical Engineering from Danish Technical University. Left the alps after finishing his B.Sc in Engineering at ETH Zurich in an attempt to bring sound into his profession. It worked! The quiet of the mountains and noise at concerts give him the perfect inspiration to solve audio problems.

Alkisti Katsantoni

Product Manager

Product Manager with a genuine love for the whole end-to-end Product Development process, from concept to delivery. Has lived the ultimate Sound experience at Amnesia, Ibiza. Avid Techno head.

Pavlos Chatzisavvas

R&D Engineer

Electrical and Computer Engineer focusing on signal, image and mesh processing and applications of machine learning. Amateur bendir and guitar player, singer, and bedroom producer. Loves nature and travel.