About us

About us
We build human-friendly audio software and our mission is to democratize content creation.
Our sophisticated technology makes a difference because it’s integrated into elegant products with intuitive UIs. This is how we help our users stay in the flow and get the job done fast and reliably.

Technological innovation is in our DNA. We are one of the first companies that ever released commercial Machine Learning audio processing products. Our technology is licensed to some of the world’s biggest consumer media companies and they support the creativity of literally millions of content creators every day.
Our story
Accusonus started with the vision to use scientific skills and creativity to build innovative audio software.
Alex Tsilfidis (CEO) and Elias Kokkinis (CTO) started the company in Greece in 2013. They were both passionate about sound, acoustics and music technology. Elias was a drummer in local heavy metal/punk bands and was working as a sound engineer. Alex was an electronic musician mainly composing soundtracks for theatre plays and films.

After obtaining their Computer Engineering diplomas, they pursued PhDs in Audio Signal Processing and worked as audio researchers in the same academic lab. Michael Tzannes (Chairman) joined as an angel investor some months later and the company incorporated in the United States with Alex, Elias and Michael as co-founders. Michael, formerly the CEO of Aware (NASDAQ: AWRE), brought significant expertise as a tech entrepreneur and seasoned business executive.

Thanks to the devotion of accusonus' users over the years, the company has grown beyond the founders’ expectations.

Today accusonus employs one of the world's best teams of audio pioneers.

The company has two offices in Greece (Athens and Patras) and is incorporated in Massachusetts (USA).

Our vision
We use technology to:
  • Improve and enlighten the creation and editing experience for music creators, filmmakers & podcasters.
  • Make audio repair what we think it should be - fast, simple and accessible to everyone.
  • Create tools that make computers the ideal tools for jamming, inspiring and creating the sound of the future.
Work with us
We are always looking for passionate people to help us change the paradigm in the audio world.
If you think you are a good fit, please check our careers page