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  1. ERA-D in ProTools Audiosuite

    When working in post production, you often have to deal with a variety of audio clips in one track...

  2. Dennis Cruz Remix Contest powered by Beatport!

    This one is for the producers: here's a chance to get your own release on Natura Viva and win ERA-D, our de-noise and de-reverberation tool, amongst other production software and merchandise!..

  3. Be a part of drumatom's future!

    Hey everyone!..

  4. Tutorial: How to improve a non-ideal guitar recording with ERA-D

    It is most likely that everyone of us has been in the position of having a great material to record but really poor recording conditions, either because of a non treated room, or because of a noisy environment. ..

  5. drumatom: dynamic range improvement in your drums recording

    All signal processing systems function within natural boundaries. Analog gear performs within limits set by the power supply voltage and the circuit components...

  6. "With our patented dereverberation solution, semiconductor companies gain a significant competitive advantage. However, it's the end user who will experience the real change, since her everyday aural experiences will dramatically improve!"

    Alex Tsilfidis- CEO, Accusonus

    Congratulations! You just bought a brand new apartment. After all those years of hard work, you can finally enjoy the spacious living room, the large bedroom and the huge kitchen where your culinary talent will shine!..

  7. An insight into the issue of drum leakage: Part III

    Imagine yourself in the middle of a loud busy party. Your ears receive input from multiple sound sources: people around you chat, the DJ spins his grooves, glasses clink...