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Lord Finesse: Pushing the boundaries of sampling with Regroover

Hailing from The Bronx, New York, Lord Finesse is a hip hop artist and producer pioneer. Over the years, he has worked with artists such as Dr. Dre, Notorious B.I.G., DJ Premier, Mike Shinoda, The Roots, Gang Starr, Fat Joe and others. Best known as leader of the Digging In the Crates Crew, a hip hop collective which got its name from the art of seeking out vinyl records to sample for production (crate digging).

How to set up virtual instrument multi-output routing in every DAW

​Regroover Pro  supports up to 16 DAW stereo output tracks that you can use in order to process individual layers with external effects.

Regroover: Use the new Snap-To-Grid feature to instantly remix your loops

Both Regroover Essential and Regroover Pro 1.5 feature a new way to work with loops. Enter Snap-To-Grid: now you can easily find interesting rhythm variations between different layers of the same audio loop. Check out the video examples.

Drum bleed in heavy metal: Isolation = Separation = Control

This article is written by Dr Mark Mynett, who has recently published the "Metal Music Manual. Producing, Engineering, Mixing and Mastering Contemporary Heavy Music". More details and special discount for accusonus customers below.

Infographic: Tempo in Electronic Music

Tempo literally means timing and it’s an intimate part of any musical piece. When comparing music with any other kind of art, tempo has to be taken into account as it’s a main factor of defining aesthetics and ultimately, genres. In essence, tempo tells us how fast or slow a music piece should be played. Especially in electronic music production, tempo is the only guide on how to build any rhythm structure, that being a groove or a harmony one.  

Drum bleed: Advanced Audio Analysis - the ultimate solution

Imagine yourself in the middle of a loud busy party. Your ears receive input from multiple sound sources: people around you chat, the DJ spins his grooves, glasses clink. All these signals reach your ears simultaneously, but you can easily isolate one that interests you and focus on it.

Drum bleed: how to reduce it with conventional methods

In the first part of our article series on drum leakage, we presented the issue of leakage in multichannel recordings, specifically drums. We discussed the nature of the problem and the practical reasons that make ‘drum spill’ undesirable in musical recordings.  

Drum bleed: what you need to know

The problem of microphone spill in multichannel drum recordings. A modern production often involves the drummer performing through multiple microphones, specifically set to capture the sound of each individual component of the drum kit.

The past and the future of music sampling

Sampling: taking from classics and creating new content. It’s the spine of worldwide hits, block parties in the '70s and club dancefloors, EDM, hip hop and many, many more. Taking a sample from a sound recording and looping it brings new content. Sampling changed our music world, created new quality and ... new legislation problems.

Infographic: Common indoor and outdoor noise levels

Unwanted, unpleasant, usually not welcome in our audio tracks and definitely not welcome in our lives - we are talking about noise. What are the most common types of noise in everyday life? Which one is too loud for our ears and causes pain? We have collected the most common indoor and outdoor noise sources and created an infographic presenting them relatively to their average sound pressure.

Can you "see" the music? Look at the waveforms and tell us which music genre it is!

While most people just listen to music, in the music production world the visual representation of sounds is also important. Anyone who has ever mixed, edited, recorded sounds or created loops, has most likely seen plenty of waveforms. Looking for hours at waveforms and spectrograms can make us more familiar with the characteristics of specific genres.  So we prepared a quiz for you: can you identify the music genre by looking only at the spectrogram and waveform?

Regroover: Replacing a Kick Drum in a loop in 1 minute

Replace a kick drum with Regroover. To make your workflow easier we have prepared a short tutorial - take a look! Remember that anytime you can download a fully functional 14-days trial - available here: FREE TRIAL    Use Regroover Pro to split grooves and extract previously unreachable sound elements. Unmix beats, create unique loops and discover fresh sounds. 

Mixing drums: 5 Must-Know Tips

Mixing drums: 5 Must-Know Tips

Excellent drum mixes are one of the most difficult yet most desirable aspects of any audio engineer’s mixdown skillset. Let's review some good-to-know tips that will improve your drum-mixing workflow. 5 Tips to Improve Your Drum Mixing Results   1. Clean up the ambience

6 Essential Tips for Electronic Music Producers

A new set of goals that will improve your electronic music production skillset and teach you new things. Here, at accusonus, we’ll help you set them straight and suited to your music creation needs.

Get ready to Kick-Start your Post Production career this year

Audio post production is a field in the industry of audio engineering related to manipulating the sounds created for moving pictures. The well-known term "soundtrack" arises from this specific audio material that has co-existed with visual programing since movies started to be produced with audio in 1926. A lot has changed since then. Technology has evolved and digital machines have taken over the process of capturing, editing, and implementing soundtracks to video.

Regroover: Rebalance a drum loop in less than 2 minutes

Rebalance a drum loop with Regroover. Unmix grooves and split a drum loop into layers. Find unwanted frequencies and shape the sound of each layer. Use EQ, pan and level to adjust the hi-hat in the mix. Then work your way to the snare and kick - everything will take less than 2 minutes! To make your workflow easier we have prepared a short tutorial - take a look! Remember that anytime you can download a fully functional 14-days trial - available here: 

Regroover Pro: Expansion Kits

You can now create  unique Expansion Kits with  Regroover Pro. Unmix grooves and build your own sample libraries from a single audio clip! To make your workflow easier and smoother, we have prepared a short tutorial - take a look! Remember that anytime you can download a fully functional 14-days trial - available here:  FREE TRIAL 

Denoise is a constant battle. Know the enemy and repair your noisy audio tracks!

A common secret in the post production world is the following: "the outcome of an engineer's effort to remove noise from audio tracks is directly related to the time-frequency characteristics of the noise sources". So we prepared a "noisy" quiz for you: can you identify noise sources from their spectrograms? Take the quiz and see if you will be available to identify the worst enemies of everyone who deals with audio restoration!