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Common indoor and outdoor noise levels

Common indoor and outdoor noise levels

Unwanted, unpleasant, usually not welcome in our audio tracks and definitely not welcome in our lives - we are talking about noise. What are the most common types of noise in everyday life? Which one is too loud for our ears and causes pain? We have collected the most common indoor and outdoor noise sources and created an infographic presenting them relatively to their average sound pressure.

Noise levels of common sources

There are endless sources of these unwanted sound frequencies. If you ever had to deal with audio restoration, you are aware of common noises. Let's take a closer look at them (all values presented below are measured in dB-SPL):

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Outdoor recordings are always tough and noise can slip in despite our efforts. On the other hand, a quiet studio environment usually protects our recordings from most of the above noise types. But even in this case, noise coming from a computer fan or an air condition can be unfortunately very common. When this happens, our denoise and dereverberation tools come to the rescue! Use ERA-D - our denoising and dereverberation tool - to efficiently remove noise and reverb and significantly enhance the audio quality. Use ERA-N to efficiently repair noisy audio with a single-knob! Subscribe to our newsletter to know more about our products and get more tips and tutorials. 


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