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Regroover x Studio One

Regroover x Studio One

We have partnered with Presonus and have implemented a Regroover workflow improvement for Studio One users. You can now select a specific region of a track inside your project and instantly drop it in Regroover with just one click.

Melodics finger-drumming course based on Regroover Expansion Pack FRACTALS

Melodics is a desktop app that enables you to build your musical skills and teaches you to play MIDI keyboards, pad controllers, and drums. The new Melodics course is called "Fractals" and is based in the homonymous Regroover Expansion pack.

Regroover x Noiiz

Regroover x Noiiz

Noiiz is a perfect partner for Regroover! Get instant access to unlimited loops and samples from within your DAW with the Noiiz plugin and instantly remix them using Regroover's innovative beat production capabilities.We are excited to hear your creations made with Regroover + Noiiz. Follow us on social media and share the music! The accusonus team

Regroover 1.7: Drag and drop anywhere

Regroover 1.7 further expands the creative possibilities, featuring instant drag and drop of audio samples or beat patterns to DAW, along with a set of new drum shaping effects. Instantly unmix, balance and remix your audio loops using Regroover's new features. Drag and drop to export anywhere You can quickly render a selected region or a pattern with drag and drop to get a sound from a layer into your arrangement window or in your sample library.

Calling Audio Zombies! Are you ready for some audio horror stories?

Depending on your age and appetite for eating sugar, Halloween is either an amazing chance to express your secret costume designer or it’s that time of year you turn off the lights and hope no one rings your doorbell because you forgot to buy any candy. After all, this might happen...