How to remove Noise, Echo, Harsh Ess and Plosives from Video in Final Cut Pro X | ERA Bundle

Repairing poorly recorded audio is a typical challenge for videographers, especially when working with deadlines. It can be a confusing and time consuming task, given the fact that most tools in the market require you to adjust a ton of parameters in order to get results.

Breathe life into over-processed loops

If you have just found the perfect groove but the loop is over-processed, you can use Beatformer to bring back the dynamics and punchiness of this loop in a very transparent manner. You can find out how in our latest Beatformer tutorial:

How to make a dubstep drop sound heavy

Heavy drum genres like dubstep are defined by drum sounds that are big and punchy. Processing is key when it comes to nailing these drum tones. With over a dozen different processors under the hood, Beatformer allows you to musically process your beats with ease. We created a video tutorial on how to make a dubstep drop sound heavy using Beatformer, explaining every step in detail.   

How to use audio effect plug-ins (VST, Audio Units) in Premiere Pro and Final Cut

When it comes to audio effects, most modern non-linear video editors allow you to use plug-ins developed by third parties to extend their native audio effects. You might want for example to de-noise audio, process its dynamics or transition between different segments using reverb or delay.

Essential Tips for Recording your Podcast #2: Connect and setup your gear (Recording Workflows)

In the first part of our series on podcast sound we talked about the fundamentals of digital audio recording. In this part we will cover specific podcast recording workflows, and their pros and cons. We will also discuss how you can setup your gear in order to achieve great-sounding results.

Regroover 1.7: Drag and drop anywhere

Regroover 1.7 further expands the creative possibilities, featuring instant drag and drop of audio samples or beat patterns to DAW, along with a set of new drum shaping effects. Instantly unmix, balance and remix your audio loops using Regroover's new features. Drag and drop to export anywhere You can quickly render a selected region or a pattern with drag and drop to get a sound from a layer into your arrangement window or in your sample library.

Avoid these five common mistakes to get the best results from drumatom²

In the balancing game that is drum mixing, successfully isolating the different elements of a drum-kit is crucial. It allows for more focused processing (eq, compression, saturation), tighter sounding kits (less cymbal wash) and easier mixing. For example, you don't have to worry about how a 3-5db boost at 4-6khz in a snare (to get a snappier sound) will affect the overall tone and harshness of your hi-hat. This saves you time from trying to find the best compromise for that harsh cymbal sound (de-esser, dynamic eq etc.) and also improves your overall drum sound.

Using ERA Single-Knob tools in video editing software

Did you know that according to several studies, the quality of your captured sound strongly influences the perceived overall quality of your video? In fact these two elements (i.e. picture and sound) counter-interact and define the user experience as a whole.

Audio restoration in eight easy steps using ERA-D

As a post-production professional and dialogue editor, you want the fastest route to audio repair, always wanting to achieve world class results. But audio repair algorithms are content depended. No matter what tool you use, sometimes you just need a different algorithm to get the job done.

Thavius Beck: Producing beats with Regroover in Ableton Live

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Thavius Beck is an electronic musician, producer and rapper, known from his solo work but also from his plethora of collaborations (incl. Saul Williams, Nine Inch Nails, Daedalus, Lapalux, etc). He was a member of the Global Phlowtations collective and and he is releasing his latest album titled 'Technol O.G.' with Hit+Run later this month.

The Basic Tips of Recording Your Podcast #1: What podcasting gear do you really need?

Podcasting is extremely fun and exciting, but it can also be frustrating when you are faced with the steep learning curve of digital audio. In these series of blog posts, we will try to cover some audio basics that will help you make informed decisions about your workflow, and also provide you with some hardware and software recommendations.

Regroover: Remix your loops on-the-fly using the new Pattern Length setting

Regroover v1.6 comes with exciting new features that help you create inspiring beat variations from your static audio loops. One of the most prominent new functionalities is that you can adjust is the so-called Pattern Length of a loop when in “HOST” or “PREVIEW” modes. No matter your workflow or your DAW, with Regroover 1.6 you can instantly remix your audio by adjusting the Layers’ marker positions and the Pattern Length. How it works The looping points in Regroover are defined by 2 factors:

Getting started with Regroover Essential in 7 easy steps

Regroover uses mad science to help you create original and inspiring beats. Using Regroover you can instantly create your own beat variations and remix your drum loops on-the-fly. Here's how to get started with Regroover Essential in 7 easy steps: 1. Open Regroover Essential in your DAW Regroover Essential is a Virtual Instrument. Depending on your DAW's terminology, you will need to create either a new MIDI or Virtual Instrument track and insert it as a plug-in.  

Spice up your loops with Regroover

As electronic music producers, we use all sorts of samples in our productions: samples we have created ourselves, samples from tunes that we like (or don't like), or loops from sample packs. They are often great fun, but can also sound static, boring, and difficult to change. Variation is a key aspect of modern music production. A sampled drum loop for example, makes us commit to a certain rhythmic pattern, but what about changing that pattern?

How to set up virtual instrument multi-output routing in every DAW

​Regroover Pro  supports up to 16 DAW stereo output tracks that you can use in order to process individual layers with external effects.

Regroover: Use the new Snap-To-Grid feature to instantly remix your loops

Both Regroover Essential and Regroover Pro 1.5 feature a new way to work with loops. Enter Snap-To-Grid: now you can easily find interesting rhythm variations between different layers of the same audio loop. Check out the video examples.

Regroover: Replacing a Kick Drum in a loop in 1 minute

Replace a kick drum with Regroover. To make your workflow easier we have prepared a short tutorial - take a look! Remember that anytime you can download a fully functional 14-days trial - available here: FREE TRIAL    Use Regroover Pro to split grooves and extract previously unreachable sound elements. Unmix beats, create unique loops and discover fresh sounds. 

Regroover: Rebalance a drum loop in less than 2 minutes

Rebalance a drum loop with Regroover. Unmix grooves and split a drum loop into layers. Find unwanted frequencies and shape the sound of each layer. Use EQ, pan and level to adjust the hi-hat in the mix. Then work your way to the snare and kick - everything will take less than 2 minutes! To make your workflow easier we have prepared a short tutorial - take a look! Remember that anytime you can download a fully functional 14-days trial - available here: