Top 8 new MIDI controllers for 2019

Whether you are into beats and loops, whether you are an amateur or pro, a bedroom producer or you like to perform live, chances are you probably have a variety of MIDI controllers in your arsenal helping you create and produce great music. Surely, you don’t need a MIDI controller or a MIDI keyboard to make music but there’s no denying they can be a very useful and time-saving tool, essentially making your life easier and allowing more time for you to be creative and productive.

This is: Mike Gonsolin

This is Mike Gonsolin, prominent music producer, CEO & owner of Trend Def Studios. We talked about his career, his favourite collaborations, our beatmaking tools Regroover & Beatformer and much more.

How Stelios uses Regroover for Beats

Stelios produces for some of the biggest artists in hip hop and pop such as A$AP Ferg, Young Thug, and Lolo Zouaï. His productions and creative workflow often include using samples that have been chopped, meshed, and manipulated to form unique soundscapes, patterns, and interesting loops.

This is Pierce Fulton | Interview

Pierce Fulton is an American DJ, musician, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer. In 2014, Fulton's single "Runaway" topped the Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart. Later that year, his song "Kuaga (Lost Time)" was listed at number 38 on Billboard's Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart and used in a Smirnoff ad campaign.

Abusing Regroover: Importing a Vocal and Music Loops

Regroover is a tool that's optimised for beats. It analyzes your audio and identifies underlying layers with similar sonic and rhythmic characteristics. Being able to split your previously static loops into stems is pretty awesome, but what happens if you import non-beat material into Regroover? 

Andrew Scheps on Regroover

Andrew Scheps is a Grammy Award winning mixing engineer as well as a renowned producer and record label owner. Having collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Jay Z, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Justin Timberlake & many more, he is considered to be a true legend in the field.

Interview : Andrew Scheps on the evolution of audio technology

Andrew Scheps is a grammy award winning mixing engineer, as well as a renowned producer & record label owner. Having collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Jay Z, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Justin Timberlake & many more, he is considered to be a true legend in the field. We had an interview with him and we talked about the evolution of audio technology, what makes a song a hit, AI technology, Regroover and  why he prefers drumatom² over other options when it comes to drum editing. 

Regroover x Studio One

Regroover x Studio One

We have partnered with Presonus and have implemented a Regroover workflow improvement for Studio One users. You can now select a specific region of a track inside your project and instantly drop it in Regroover with just one click.

Regroover x Noiiz

Regroover x Noiiz

Noiiz is a perfect partner for Regroover! Get instant access to unlimited loops and samples from within your DAW with the Noiiz plugin and instantly remix them using Regroover's innovative beat production capabilities.We are excited to hear your creations made with Regroover + Noiiz. Follow us on social media and share the music! The accusonus team

Artist showcase: Laura 'Alluxe' Escude

Laura Escudé is an American music producer, live show programmer, designer and performer. She is also known by her stage name Alluxe. In this video, Alluxe showcases how she uses Regroover to manipulate, enhance and remix loops of 'Fervor', previously unimaginable with traditional beat making tools.

Regroover Expansion Pack: COSMIC RAYS

Regroover Expansion Pack: COSMIC RAYS

COSMIC RAYS - Forward-thinking house music Dedicated to the dance-floor, “Cosmic Rays” could be described as an amalgamation of early Chicago house music and modern melodic techno. Analog synth sounds meticulously combined with 4/4 dance beats to create a rich, layered sound palette. The kits are influenced from the following artists: Stephan Bodzin Red Axes Aitor Ronda Max Cooper Marc Romboy Pan-Pot Audio Quality: 44.1kHz - 24bits Price: $49

Regroover Expansion Pack: RUSTY BLOCK

RUSTY BLOCK - Trap meets Future RnB Sharp synth sounds and sub bass frequencies combined with dynamic electronic drums in order to create a modern Trap and Future RnB collection of samples and loops. The kits are influenced from the following artists: BARE Flosstradamus TroyBoi Skrillex Josh Pan Yellow Claw MC Fioti Audio Quality: 44.1kHz - 24bits Price: $49

Artist showcase: Aneek Thapar

Aneek Thapar is a critically acclaimed Sonic Artist and Sound Designer from London/Surrey, UK. He is highly passionate about the more experimental and exploratory side of art, science and technology.


HYPER-ABSTRACT ELECTRONICA - Post-digital / abstract organic sounds. What was your inspiration for the HYPER-ABSTRACT ELECTRONICA pack? Well, Blade Runner 2049 had just been released and I was inspired to make some kind of post-digital / abstract organic sounds. Natural sounds realised with technology and digital sounds that have been 'worldised'. They are quite textural and diffuse sounds. Not your typical Trap or House drum kit. ;) When working on the pack, were there any artists in mind that have influenced you?

Regroover Expansion Pack: FRACTALS

FRACTALS - Chic EDM Grooves High energy pack of well-designed EDM sounds & loops. Processed beats & crispy synth sounds combined with pitched vocals and catchy bass lines. The kits are influenced by the following artists: Mazor Lazer DJ Snake Calvin Harris The Chainsmokers • Martin Garrix Odesza Audio Quality: 44.1kHz - 24bits Price: $49 Produced for accusonus by John Valasis

Regroover Expansion Pack: SPASM

SPASM - Modern Techno Grooves Berlin meets UK based techno collection pack. 4 to the floor beats, dance floor friendly showcasing the latest club trends across EU. A wide variety of techno and house influenced kits. The kits are influenced by the following sub-genres.

Regroover Expansion Pack: ALPHA

The ALPHA is the first original Expansion Pack for Regroover. 113.8MB (.regroover Projects / WAV formats) 5 Regroover Projects each one containing an Expansion Kit (16 one shots) and a loop (48kHz-24 bit - Regroover format) 13 Loop variations (48kHz-24 bit - Wav format). Price: FREE Produced for accusonus by John Valasis //

Thavius Beck: Producing beats with Regroover in Ableton Live

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Thavius Beck is an electronic musician, producer and rapper, known from his solo work but also from his plethora of collaborations (incl. Saul Williams, Nine Inch Nails, Daedalus, Lapalux, etc). He was a member of the Global Phlowtations collective and and he is releasing his latest album titled 'Technol O.G.' with Hit+Run later this month.