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Your samples reimagined

Unmix your loops into distinct sound layers.

Get previously unheard sounds from inside your loops.

Craft the isolated beat elements and form your unique rhythmic signature.

Sound on Sound

"Regroover adds another dimension to loop slicing and offers new possibilities to remixers, beat makers and sound designers."

Sound on Sound



Mix Awesome Drums

Remove bleed and fix poorly recorded drums.

Perform deeper individual processing on drum tracks.

Achieve authentic results and a unique sound.

Sound on Sound

"Drumatom is an incredible problem-solver for anyone working with real drums."

Computer Music Magazine



High-quality single-knob noise removal

Save your noisy files.

Rescue audio or video recordings.

Hassle-free noise reduction.

Sound on Sound

"With one knob and just a couple settings, it allows you to get really great results, really quickly"

Studio One Expert



Single-knob reverb removal plugin

Repair location recordings and clean up your voice tracks.

Instantly improve distant, "echoey" or hollow recordings.

Automatic reverb profile estimation - just turn the knob to bring the sound closer.

Sound on Sound

"A very powerful plug-in for cleaning up reverberant dialogue."

Pro Tools Expert



Best-In-Class Audio Repair for Professionals

Clean up noise, reverb and their counter-interaction.

Take advantage of your secondary mics to improve repair results in your main mic.

Sophisticated algorithms and surgical spectral band processing.

Sound on Sound

"ERA-D is an excellent plugin, though, achieving just the right balance between ease of use and behavioural fine-tuning."

Computer Music Magazine



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