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ERA-D is pretty damn sweet! Nice interface. Best De-Reverb I have heard so far. The Denoiser is so good in fact it certainly blows all other live adaptive software denoisers I have tried- out the water.

Michael Wabro (Sound/Dialogue/ADR editor) - Credits: “Perfume-The story of a murderer, Alfie, The Escapist, 9th company


ERA-D’s provides pretty excellent results in terms of noise reduction and reverb reduction. I am thrilled to see that Accusonus has placed these two types of processors side-by-side into one neatly bundled package, as no one else has put out something in this combination before. It is both unique and entirely fun to work with.

Gearslutz - User Review (credits: joe_04_04)


I honestly did not believe this was possible, I mean not in any usable professional way. There are many gimmick softwares out there that sound horrifying, but Drumatom DO deliver and I can finally put my bellowed dBx902's to rest

Jens Bogren (Producer/Engineer) - Opeth, Kreator, At The Gates, Amon Amarth, Millencolin, SymphonyX


I love drumatom. Just being able to get rid of cymbal and hi-hat bleed from the snare drum track is worth the price of admission alone. Now that many of my mix projects are coming from self produced bands, Drumatom is pretty essential for getting drum sounds quickly.

Chris Shaw (Producer/engineer) - Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Goo Goo Dolls, Super Furry Animals, Wilco


Drumatom is a truly magical tool! It enables me to process drums in ways I've never been able to before and this means I can go for more adventurous micing techniques as well as finish and deliver projects faster and better than ever before. It's an essential tool for me now.

Emre Ramazanoglu (Composer/Producer/Engineer) - Sia, Shakira, Alex Clare


“Drumatom is incredible! My days of using triggers to get rid of the Hi Hat and crashes are over. It's natural dynamics all the way!”

James Lerock Loughrey (Producer/Engineer) - Skindred, Lionel Richie, Manic Street Preachers, Page and Plant, Björk, Def Leppard, Dave Gahan



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