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Regroover is a great tool for doing the seemingly impossible! Whether you need a simple way to remove the kick from a clip, play back individual drum hits, or dissect every sound in a loop onto its own layer, you’ll be surprised how well this great new plugin works.

Ask.Audio - Magazine


Regroover is a true New-Era sampling tool. A must-have plugin. Simple as that. Brilliantly allowing flexibility when working with layered percussive material, whilst inspiring unique sonic possibilities when using it more creatively.

Aneek Thapar - Head of Sound - Ninja Jamm app, Audio Jedi - Ninja Tune, Sound designer & engineer


"ERA-D is pretty damn sweet! Nice interface. Best de-reverb I have heard so far. The de-noiser is so good in fact it certainly blows all other live adaptive software de-noisers I have tried- out the water."

Michael Wabro (Sound/Dialogue/ADR editor) - Perfume-The story of a murderer, Alfie, The Escapist, 9th company


"Drumatom is an innovative product that does represent a genuine advance over existing technology. Ιt can make a significant difference to the ‘mixability’ of most multi-miked drum recordings."

Sound on Sound - Magazine


"I love drumatom. Just being able to get rid of cymbal and hi-hat bleed from the snare drum track is worth the price of admission alone. Now that many of my mix projects are coming from self produced bands, drumatom is pretty essential for getting drum sounds quickly."

Chris Shaw (Producer/Engineer) - Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Goo Goo Dolls, Super Furry Animals, Wilco


"ERA-D is an excellent plugin, though, achieving just the right balance between ease of use and behavioural fine-tuning. It does a great job of drying out source material, and noise reduction is a bonus."

Computer Music - Magazine



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